Welcome to Lover’s Landing

This February, we invite you to visit Lover’s Landing in the (almost) famous Love, GA.
Lover’s Landing is an anthology novella series about a fictional town called Love, GA.
Eight romance authors have come together to bring you eight separate love stories set in a town where, to quote the town motto, “Everyone here is in Love”.
Follow eight standalone novellas that center around a coffee shop in town called Lover’s Landing.
The owners, Harold and Betty Connelly, have been caring for the townspeople like their own children for years. But watch out: rumor has it they put a love potion in their coffee. What else could be responsible for all the romance that seems to happen there?
Grab any of the eight novellas and work your way through them all. Meet our couples, fall in love, and get ready to wish you, too, could travel to our new favorite little town…
Welcome to Love, Georgia.


In the game of love, there are winners and losers—especially for those that play for keeps.

Two peas in a pod…

Bethany and Cody have been best friends since kindergarten. They grew up in the small town of Love Georgia, and there were rumors that they were more than just friends. Cody didn’t mind the town gossip, because secretly it was true. He was in love with his best friend. Unfortunately, it was a secret he chose to keep to himself, after Bethany accepted a scholarship and moved to California.

Long distance friendship…

Living on separate coasts didn’t keep the two friends from staying in touch. Bethany could always count on Cody to be there for her and give her support and advice. As the years passed, Bethany began to realize just how much she missed her family and friends, especially her best friend, Cody. Through messages, phone calls and occasional visits, Bethany starts to wonder if her feelings for Cody run much deeper than friendship.

Reunited once again…

Bethany returns to her hometown, after accepting a teaching job at Love Elementary School. Now that the two friends are reunited, they have the perfect opportunity to admit their true feelings for each other. Unfortunately for Cody, timing is everything. When Bethany starts dating her high school crush and his good friend, Austin Newberry, he realizes he may be losing his chance. Will Cody be willing to let Bethany go without a fight once again? Or will fighting, for the girl of his dreams, cost him both of his friends?

Cover Designed by Amanda Walker PA and Design Services


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