My Apologies

I’m sorry for the absence on my website. It has been a tough summer on a personal note but things are looking up with some help. I have a new release coming out on August 24th Summertime Blues book six of the Holiday Love Series.  I will post a little about that today and over the next few days get you caught up on all my latest projects.


Tyler McCandless needs a break… A break from college, a break from his Dad and most of all a break from woman. Picking up the pieces of his broken heart he accepts an invite to spend the summer at his buddy’s condo in Panama City Beach. He’s young, attractive and most of all single, he should be having the time of his life. Unfortunately, he is finding he can no longer enjoy, just “hooking up” and is ready to head back to Alabama. That is until beauty queen, Jackie Winston shows up.
Tyler and Jackie have a history dating back to elementary school. She went from a little girl lost, to annoying pest, to his best friend’s girl and finally a good friend. Her smile is contagious and when he’s with her, things seem better somehow. As their friendship starts to become something more, he realizes there is a lot of pain behind her blue green eyes. Will secrets from his past destroy their relationship? Can Tyler be there for her, when she needs him the most?

Summertime Blues (Holiday Love)
by Marie Savage
Summertime Blues Marie Savage E-Cover

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