Local Celebrity!

A few weeks ago I was asked if I wouldn’t mind giving an interview about being an author to my local newspaper. Mind? Are you kidding? I’m honored. The fact that someone thought I deserved a spotlight made me giddy as a fan girl meeting her celebrity crush.

Two years ago, when I decided to start taking my writing seriously and do the unthinkable…self- publish, I had no idea how far I would go with this dream. I was a dabbler and a fan girl. I loved going to book signings as a reader. I dreamed of one day having my own table and having my own fans come up and ask me to sign their book. My dream is now becoming my reality.

Three books are published now, two more are currently being worked on to publish late spring. I have many more stories in my head, waiting for their turn to be released into the world. I have my very first official book signing in March in Biloxi and this week I’m in the local paper.

As a self -published author, I still have so much to learn but I have many author friends willing to share their advice and give me encouragement. Whether I have many fans one day or just a few loyal ones, I will always remember to be humble. I was a reader before I was a writer. So I will enjoy my few seconds of fame, and then get back to work. There are stories out there, that are not going to write themselves.



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